Computerized Hearing Aid

1. What is deafness?
Deafness is hearing loss of any level due to any cause.

2. How I will know that I am having deafness?
When you start feeling that you find difficulty in understanding others or
When people around you start saying that you don’t respond their call or
When you find difficulty in listening TV or Phone at normal volume, then definitely you are having hearing loss.

3. How to get my hearing checked?
You have to approach either an ENT Doctor or an Audiologist to get your hearing checked.

4. What test is to be done to check hearing?
If patient is new born or a child less than 5yrs. then BERA test should be done. In higher age group Pure Tone Audiometry ( PTA ) should be done.

5. Is my hearing loss progressive ?
If you have conductive hearing loss then hearing loss does not progress but if hearing loss is Sensorineural then it is progressive.

6. What is hearing aid ?
Hearing aid is an instrument to help your hearing.

7. If I use hearing aid regularly then whether my hearing will stop detoriating ?
No using hearing aid only helps you in hearing butr do not prevent detoration.

8. What are advantages of using hearing aid ?
There are many advantages like :
• It improves your hearing
• It will improve your sensory adaptation to language
• It improves your social and professional performance

9. Which hearing aid I should use ?
Your hearing aid is decided by level of loss so first go for hearing test and then your hearing aid will be decided by ENT Doctor or Audiologist.

10.   For How long I should use hearing aid in a day
You should use hearing aid for maximum time, it should only be removed in noisy environment or when you go for sleep.

11. What is the life of hearing aid ?
The average life of hearing aid if properly cared then it serves you broadly for about 5-7yrs.

12. How to care hearing aid ?
Not much care is required except avoid water contact and repeated fall down.

13. What is the warranty period of hearing aid ?
Average warranty given by good companies is 1-2yrs. few higher end models carry more warranty.

14. What is the cost range of hearing aid
Cost of hearing aid ranges from Rs. 2500/- to about Rs.3,50,000/-

15. What are options other than hearing aid ?
Bone implant and cochlear implants are other options but for limited patients only.

16. When bone implants are used ?
Bone implants are used in patients having loss in one ear only.

17. When cochlear implants are used ?
Cochlear implants are used usually in children giving no response with hearing aid. In adults rarely used.

18. What is the cost of Bone implant ?
Cost of bone implant is about Rs. 1,50,000/- to Rs. 2,50,000/-