About Hearing Aid

A hearing aid is a device which aids the hearing by amplifying the incoming sound electrically. We commit to provide best hearing solutions that are best in quality and advanced in technology. Our innovative products which is a result of our constant research has helped us to be recognized as a brand name for Hearing Aids.

Digital Hearing Aid in India

Types of Hearing Aid

Pocket Model

Digital hearing aid in India

Digital hearing aid in India

Behind the Ear Model

RIC ( Receiver in the canal )

Digital hearing aid in India

Digital hearing aid

ITE/ ITC/CIC( in the ear, in the canal, completely in the canal )

Hearing Aid Classification

All Hearing Aids available in the word are divided into Two Types

Non-Programmable hearing aids are

Programmable Hearing Aids are

Programmable hearing aids and Digital hearing aids are machine with smart sound, smart adapt, and smart connect and they carries many features like No. of programs, High resolution adaptive system, directional speech enhancement, frequency compression, high resolution speech focus, sound smoothing, ewindscreen, speech and noise management, extended bandwidth, e2e wireless 2, sound equalizer, tinnitus nosier, Bluetooth compatible for phone and TV or music system, etc. All these features help hearing compromised patient to achieve a high performance level and to live more natural life.

Cost of Hearing Aids

Rate of Hearing Aid ranges from Rs. 2000/- to Rs. 2.5 Lac. Depending on

Usually the rate of hearing aids of international standards companies varies as :

Programmable ITE/ ITC/ CIC Hearing Aid – Rs. 18000/- to Rs. 2,50,500/- ( depending upon number of channels )